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Personality Traits Up Women’s Heart Risk

July 8, 2003 — Ladies with on edge or angry personalities may have higher risk of heart disease after menopause.

That’s the main finding from a long-term consider of how identity influences the heart and arteries. But there’s more, note University of Pittsburgh analysts Kelly F. Harris and colleagues.

They found that taking hormone substitution therapy (HRT) evacuates the added heart risk for ladies with Type A/angry personalities. In any case, it doesn’t reduce the chance for women having an anxious/depressed identity.

“Characteristic uneasiness may be a more ‘toxic’ characteristic in relation to [heart hazard] than other psychosocial traits and may subsequently be more resistant to protective components such as HRT,” Harris and colleagues compose in the May/June issue of Psychosomatic Pharmaceutical.

The researchers gave identity tests to 193 ladies who hadn’t however gone through menopause. They tried them again 12 years afterward, after menopause. And 1.5 a long time after the second identity test, they tried how well the women’s courses could expand. Poor development is an early marker of atherosclerosis (hardening of the supply routes) and other cardiovascular conditions.

Two sorts of personality — measured long before menopause — put women at higher risk. The foremost ‘toxic’ to the heart was the anxious/depressed identity type. But in ladies not taking HRT, the Sort A identity — stamped by outrage, competitiveness, impatience, and aggression — was just as bad.

Why? The analysts suggest that ladies with these personalities may have fewer solid behaviors than other women. Ladies who display antagonistic vibe and outrage tend to weigh more for their stature, a few studies show. Other thinks about recommend that people with Sort A identities tend to eat high-fat diets. And people who feel anxious or depressed tend to smoke and manhandle liquor as well as exercise less and eat high-fat diets.

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