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‘Natural’ Bandage Helps Stop Bleeding

Feb. 13, 2003 — Envision turning a texture with strands 1,000 times more slender than a human hair. That innovation is the mystery behind a unused nano-fiber tangle that might inevitably be utilized as a normal gauze that stops dying and never needs to be taken off.

By utilizing the same substance your body employments to clot blood, analysts have created a texture that can be connected to a wound to decrease blood misfortune and is at that point steadily ingested by the body. The fabric is spun from modest strands of fibrinogen, a natural protein found within the body that’s broken down by the blood amid dying and changed over to fibrin at the location of harm.

‘Fibrin is the meshwork, the netting,’ says analysts Gary Bowlin, PhD, teacher of biomedical designing at Virginia Commonwealth College, in a news discharge. ‘It’s like tossing a net over the clot that holds it together and keeps it from dissolving quickly.’

Once the blood clot is shaped at the location of the wound, that meshwork given by the texture makes a difference set the arrange for the common mending prepare.

In spite of the fact that the fabric has not however been tried in people, analysts say the unused technique used in weaving the texture, called ‘electrospinning,’ makes filaments that are for all intents and purposes the precise same estimate of the normal fibrinogen strands found within the body.

‘The key is that we’re making these filaments at fundamentally the same measurements you’d discover in a normal clot,’ says Bowlin. ‘So when the body sees it, it sees it as a ordinary, and it’s getting to advance typical things to happen.’

The discoveries show up within the Feb. 12 issue of Nano Letters.

Analysts say gauzes made of the unused texture can be utilized for anything from minor cuts to war zone wounds, when it vital to halt dying instantly whereas holding up to transport to a clinic.

SOURCE: Nano Letters, Feb. 12, 2003 • News discharge, American Chemical Society.

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