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First Ebola Patient Tests Positive in the U.S.

Sept. 30, 2014 — A quiet at a Dallas clinic has the Ebola infection, CDC authorities said Tuesday.

The man had as of late arrived within the U.S. from Liberia and was disconnected at Texas Presbyterian Healing center on Sept. 28 since of suspicious side effects and his later travel history.

The CDC has sent a group of disease detectives to Dallas to start following down all contacts the persistent had some time recently he arrived at the healing center.

Agreeing to Tom Frieden, MD, executive of the CDC, the group will center most closely on the 4 days between the time the man started appearing side effects on Sept. 24 and when he was set in segregation at the healing center.

“We’re ceasing this in its tracks,” Frieden said.

Frieden said the man, who is presently basically sick, had flown to the U.S. on Sept. 19  and arrived the taking after day. He was remaining with family individuals who live within the Dallas zone when he started to feel unwell.

He went to the healing center for offer assistance on Sept. 26 but was sent domestic, authorities said. He returned 2 days afterward and was set in confinement.

Authorities would not uncover the aircraft or flight. They said he was checked for a fever in Liberia some time recently he boarded the plane and was cleared to fly.

Frieden pushed that individual travelers on the flight were not considered to be at chance since the man had not however created side effects when he boarded the plane.

“Ebola doesn’t spread from somebody who doesn’t have fever and other indications. It’s as it were somebody who’s wiped out with Ebola who can spread the disease,” Frieden said.

When inquired to depict how numerous individuals the man might have come into contact with whereas he was irresistible, Frieden said, “I think ‘handful’ is the correct characterization. We know that there are a few family individuals. There may have been one or two or three other community individuals. And we’re there to do extra examinations to recognize any other possibilities.”

There are no other suspected cases in Texas, said David Lakey, MD, the commissioner of the Texas Division of State Wellbeing Administrations.

Whereas the advancement was troubling, specialists said it was not shocking.

“This was not unexpected,” said William Schaffner, MD, an irresistible malady master at Vanderbilt College Clinic in Nashville. “There’s a part of travel between West Africa and the Joined together States, and we all expected that sooner or afterward there would be a traveler exposed.”

Without a doubt, Edward Goodman, MD, disease transmission expert at Texas Presbyterian, said that the clinic had held preparing for its staff fair a week back to get ready for conceivable Ebola cases.

“We were well prepared to bargain with this crisis,” he said.

Frieden focused that whereas Ebola may be a frightening malady, and it’s conceivable that somebody who had contact with the man some time recently he was admitted to the clinic seem drop sick, he does not anticipate the case will start an episode.

“I have no question that we are going control this importation or this case of Ebola so that it doesn’t spread broadly in this country,” Frieden said. 

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