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Curry Spice Takes Burn Out of Radiation

Oct. 10, 2002 — A meal at an Indian eatery could be a hot, however relieving pre-treatment prescription for cancer patients experiencing radiation therapy. Modern investigate recommends that a flavor found in curries can help decrease the irritation commonly caused by radiation.

The consider showed that curcumin, the substance in turmeric that gives it and the dishes it flavors a characteristic yellow color, may be a normal anti-inflammatory compound. It works in ways comparative to the well known Cox-2 repressing drugs, including headache medicine and Celebrex.

Radiation not only slaughters cancer cells, but it can also increment the production of chemicals that can cause skin harm, such as sunburn-like rashes or blisters. But analysts found that mice given a daily dose of curcumin for five days some time recently presentation to radiation developed distant less blisters or burns than mice that didn’t get the spice treatment.

“This is noteworthy since skin harm is a genuine issue for patients experiencing radiation to treat their tumors. In the event that a non-toxic, natural substance can offer assistance avoid this damage and upgrade the effectiveness of our radiation, that’s a winning situation,” says think about creator Paul Okunieff, MD, chief of radiation oncology at the Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Restorative Center in Modern York, in a news release.

Okunieff presented the consider this week at the 44th yearly assembly of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology in Unused Orleans.

In spite of the fact that the ponder creators say further inquire about is required in people to affirm these discoveries, cancer patients should consider eating curried nourishments amid their radiation treatment. –>

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