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9 Million Mattel Toys Recalled

Aug. 14, 2007 — More than 9 million Mattel toys are being reviewed since of lead-based paint and magnets which will oust.

The Shopper Item Security Commission (CPSC) and Mattel reported the Mattel toy review nowadays, citing an plenitude of caution with no wounds detailed.

The review incorporates more than 18 million toys worldwide, including 9.5 million toys within the U.S.

Reviewed toys incorporate 7.3 million Polly Take play sets, almost 253,000 “Sarge” die-cast toy cars, almost 683,000 Barbie and Leather treater play sets, almost 340,000 Batman and One Piece attractive activity figure sets, and approximately a million Doggie Day Care play sets.

Reason for Mattel Toy Review

Most of those toys are being reviewed since little, capable magnets within the toys may come free. Magnets found by youthful kids can be gulped or suctioned. In case more than one magnet is gulped, the magnets can draw in each other and cause intestinal puncturing or blockage, which can be lethal.

The one exemption is the “Sarge” die-cast car, which is being reviewed since surface paints on the toy may contain overabundance levels of lead, which is poisonous on the off chance that ingested by youthful children and can cause antagonistic wellbeing issues.

In a news conference, CPSC acting chairwoman Nancy Nord said that no wounds are related with the modern Mattel review, which was issued out of an “plenitude of caution.”

The review isn’t the biggest ever and only speaks to a “division of the hundreds of millions of toys” accessible within the U.S., says Nord.

Today’s Mattel Toy Review

Here is an diagram of items included in today’s Mattel’s toy review.

“Sarge” die-cast toy cars: Recalled toys have the markings “7EA” and “China” on the foot. Cars checked “Thailand” aren’t included within the review. Barbie and Tanner play sets. Reviewed toys have the show numbers J9472 and J9560. Items made after Jan. 31, 2007, aren’t included within the recall. Various Polly Take dolls and adornments with magnets. Review is an development of the Polly Take review issued in November 2006 due to magnets which will come free from the toys. Different Batman and One Piece attractive activity figure sets. Review is due to magnets that will drop out of the toys, which were sold across the nation from June 2006 through June 2007 for around $11. Different Doggie Day Care play sets. Review is due to magnets which will drop out of the toys, which were sold across the country from July 2004 to Eminent 2007 for between $4 and $20.

All of the reviewed toys were made in China.

Mattel and the CPSC encourage buyers to require the toys away from kids instantly and contact Mattel to get a substitution toy.

For subtle elements on the Mattel toy reviewcounting pictures and demonstrate numbers for the reviewed toys — visit Mattel’s buyer relations web location at

More data is additionally accessible by phone. Call the Shopper Item Security Commission’s review hotline at (800) 638-2772 or Mattel’s review hotline at (800) 916-4997.

Mattel Apologizes

“The security of children is our essential concern, and we are profoundly regretful to everybody influenced,” says Mattel Chairman and CEO Robert Eckert in a Mattel news discharge.

Mattel is beefing up its magnet-retention frameworks and item testing. The company has too reinforced its endeavors to avoid lead-based paints from being utilized on its items. Examined more on what guardians ought to know here.

Today’s review takes after Mattel’s Aug. 2 review of about a million Fisher-Price toys that were painted with lead-based paint by a Chinese producer and sold within the U.S. from May 1 until the review started.

At the time, Mattel reported that it was investigating the strategies utilized by all of its Chinese producers and would take provoke activity in case any comparative issues were found.

As you sort through your child’s toy box, are you considering of inquiring your pediatrician for a lead harming test? A few people on our Child rearing: 9-12 Months message board are doing fair that. Examined their comments and share yours.

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